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Kate Culligan

Location: Denver, CO

How will clients benefit with you as their coach?
I use my skills and experience as a senior marketing professional to support them in creating a “brand” that connects with stakeholders and tactics that help them land in careers that resonate with them. I am also comfortable dealing with issues behind the desire to change careers/jobs and what has stopped the person in the past from taking risks. These issues might be fear, lack of confidence etc. Finally, I utilize my vast network of clients who have landed to connect clients to successful professionals for purposes of networking and informational interviews.

What results have clients reported after working with you?
The result they report is that I am good at “getting” them…I am able to connect with most personality types and foster a totally honest exchange of information. They feel supported and understood, as I support them to take steps forward. The result is successfully developing a marketing plan that might include creating a great resume, portfolio, elevator speech. I help clients clarify and focus on next steps whatever their situation. I do this by asking “powerful questions” and brainstorming with the person. I also work with clients who are working within companies to deal with challenging political situations or I help them develop their leadership skills.

What do clients say about working with you?
They say I am authentic, honest and creative in looking at all options. I am open in sharing my own “story” when appropriate and I am available for last minute check-ins when necessary. I am open to sharing my network with clients by making e-introductions which really facilitates exploration. I listen well and use humor to help clients see the other side of most situations.

What are 5 strengths you have as a coach?
  • Empathy
  • Coaching Training (CTI-116 hours) and Masters in Education in Organizational Performance
  • Ability to use my 15+ years in marketing to help clients market themselves
  • Authenticity-honesty
  • Business Experience/Leadership Skills

What is your coaching philosophy?
My coaching philosophy is that all people have the answers within themselves, but these answers are often buried or covered by fear. My job as a coach is to clarify what’s most important to the client, and to help them develop a plan to move forward. I am not a consultant; I do not tell them what to do (unless they are in an extreme crisis and need this type of support) and I am not a therapist that needs to understand why a client is the way they are. I partner with the client to develop solutions. I also believe that change is something most people resist, so I understand that outcomes might come to fruition, after the coaching engagement has concluded. I’m interested in the PROCESS more than the Destination.

What types of people do you typically coach?
I’ve coached all levels of professionals from entry level (mostly college-graduates) to senior leaders. I work well with creative, intuitive professionals from marketing, training and HR and do quite well with highly structured analytical engineers. I adjust my approach for different personality types. I most often work with mid-career professionals who want more meaning or just more validation for their work.

What is your professional background?
I have a BS in Psychology from the University of Wyoming; M.ED in Organizational Performance from Co. State University. I also completed 116 hours of coaching training from Coaching Training Institute and am certified to administer the Myers-Briggs and Strong Assessment. I have taken an extensive number of professional development courses in areas of Emotional Intelligence, Change Management and Leadership.

How can clients get started working with you as their coach?
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